About NationWide Laboratories

NationWide Laboratories was first established in 1983 as an independent multi–disciplinary veterinary laboratory providing diagnostic and clinical pathology services for veterinary surgeons throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. The laboratory offers over 650 test options across the full range of clinical pathology disciplines.

As one of the UK’s leading veterinary laboratories we aim to provide our clients with an assurance of the technical competence of the laboratory and the validity and quality of our results. UKAS accreditation is the most recognised way to achieve this. NationWide Laboratories was the first commercial veterinary laboratory to have UKAS accreditation ISO/IEC 17025, achieving this level of excellence in 1996. A copy of the schedule of accredited tests is available on request or from the NationWide Laboratories website.

EN ISO/IEC 17025 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories” is the internationally recognised standard for testing laboratories. The standard contains all of the requirements that testing and calibrations laboratories have to meet if they wish to demonstrate that they operate a quality system, are technically competent and are able to routinely generate technically valid results. EN ISO/IEC 17025 is the only standard to address all of these issues.

What does UKAS accreditation mean for you?…

  • You can trust the result when making a diagnosis.
  • It is your assurance that the work has been carried out by NationWide Laboratories to the standard required for your purpose.
  • NationWide Laboratories is annually assessed by independent experts.
  • You can be assured that the agreed or specified methods and procedures have been followed.
  • Measurements are traceable to national and international standards.
  • Tests performed on your sample are the best available and are consistently precise and accurate.
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