Food guidance

Treatment options – food testing

Positive results are used to assist in selection of an appropriate diet for a food elimination trial. Such a trial should be conducted for a minimum of 6-8 weeks; if there is a good clinical response test ingredients from the previous diet are introduced gradually until the patient relapses at which point the elimination diet is used to “rescue” the patient. This strategy is the basis of an elimination/ provocation diet. In reality few owners wish to challenge their animal if clinical signs have resolved and choose to feed an elimination, or limited antigen, diet long term.

Negative food serology does not rule out the possibility of an adverse food reaction in which either serum antibodies are not detectable, or the pathogenesis is

non-immunological. It is still worth conducting a well controlled dietary trial to determine the likelihood of an adverse food reaction causing or contributing to the clinical presentation. With negative test results this could be a home prepared diet using novel proteins, following careful questioning of the owner regarding previous dietary history, or a commercial hypoallergenic or hydrolysed protein diet.

allervet® Food Guidance List

When canine and feline food panels are positive details of a selection of proprietary diets are provided with the results. These diets are, to the best of our knowledge, free from all of the ingredients (proteins) to which there are positive reactions. Diets appropriate for life stage, and treats are included when suitable.

Food guidance list example: Lady Penelope, a 3yo F/N DSH tested positive for IgE and IgG to white fish and corn; based on these results the following diets would be suitable for a dietary trial:

Dechra Specific Specific FDW Food Allergy Management Wet
Dechra Specific Specific F D-HY Allergy Management Plus Dry
Hills Pet Nutrition d/d Venison Formula Wet
Hills Pet Nutrition d/d Venison & Green Pea Dry
Hills Pet Nutrition z/d Low Allergen Dry
Purina HA Hypo Allergenic Dry
Royal Canin Hypoallergenic DR 25 Dry
Royal Canin Sensitivity Control Chicken with Rice Wet Pouch
Royal Canin Sensitivity Control S/O Duck with Rice Alutray Tray
Royal Canin Sensitivity Control S/O Chicken with Rice Alutray Tray

The food guidance list aims to indicate a broad selection of suitable, proprietary diets but is obviously not exhaustive. It remains the responsibility of the submitting veterinary surgeon to check the suitability of any suggested diet or product prior to it’s use.

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