Immunotherapy and the VMD

NationWide Laboratories can assist in providing allergen specific immunotherapy (ASIT) based on the results of serological testing.

The allergen extracts which are used are sourced from Europe because there are no licensed veterinary immunotherapy products currently available in the UK. The importation of these extracts must follow strict guidelines as detailed in the Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2005. The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), as the national Competent Authority, implement these regulations.

The product is licensed in Europe and imported from within the EU therefore it is necessary to apply for a Special Import Certificate (SIC).

The holder of the SIC, must be a veterinary surgeon and is normally the individual veterinarian who is caring for the animal concerned. It is their responsibility to ensure that the conditions of the certificate are upheld.

The SIC is valid for up to 12 months and must be renewed if you wish to continue importing immunotherapy thereafter.

Details of the import scheme can be found on the VMD website.

How to apply for a SIC

Applying for a new certificate

Applicationa should be made on the VMD wedsite and are free of charge.

  • Go to the VMD home page (, and select the “Special Import Site”. The Special Import Site home page will be displayed.
  • Click in the small circle next to “Apply for Special Import Certificate”.
  • Enter your 6-8 digit RCVS registration number, and then click on the “Lookup RCVSNo” button.
  •  Using the arrow filter button locate your practice. If you have not registered with the VMD before you will need to do so here by clicking on the “Register Practice” link.  Once you have located your practice click Next.
  •  Product: Using the arrow filter button select the treatment required.  For help in selecting the correct product, please contact NationWide Laboratories.
  • Country of Origin: This will automatically fill in once you have selected the product (if not it is Spain).
  • Species: Using the arrow filter button select the correct species. Click Next
  • Your Reference: Please enter animal name and surname here
  • Animal/Herd Name: Type the name of the animal the vaccine is for.
  •  No of Animals: This is always 1
  • Total Amount: This is 12ml (4x3ml)
  •  Proposed Importer Details: Please note that the importer is the same as the applicant please tick the box to indicate this as allervet is NOT the importer. Click Next
  • Declaration: Check that all the details are correct and then tick the box at the top of the page underneath the email address to confirm that you agree with the declaration. This email address is where an electronic PDF version of the certificate will be sent immediately.
  •  Click Next and the process is complete.
  •   The certificate will be emailed to the address you have placed above the Declaration tick box and can be saved/printed immediately by clicking the “Download Certificate” button.
  • Once the certificate has been received please fax, along with your immunotherapy order form to NationWide Laboratories on 01253 89193401253 89193401253 89193401253 891934.

How to order immunotherapy via NationWide Laboratories

An application form for immunotherapy is issued with your results or following a discussion with a veterinary pathologist. When you receive your SIC please sign the application form and fax to NationWide Laboratories (Fax: 01253 891934). You should receive your order within 3–4 weeks. If you wish to include allergens with borderline results this must be clearly indicated on the form.

allervet® is offered to you exclusively in the UK by NationWide Laboratories, leaders in Veterinary Clinical Pathology.

Immunotherapy using Allergoids

FAQ’s (Download PDF)

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